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Sparrow Power Supply
Power supply with IEC input suitable for use with one or more Sparrow modules.

This compact switch mode power supply delivers enough power to drive our most demanding 5000mW 450nm module with TEC.

It can be used to power multiple modules if the combined power demand is lower than 60W. You can find the power demand of each module inside the respective datasheet. You can select the number of output connectors when placing the power supply in the cart.

The power supply comes with a short type F ("Schuko") to IEC cable by default.

Also compatible with our TecDRIVE lite.
Input voltage135-370V DC / 90-264V AC
Output Voltage24V DC at 2.5A
FeaturesPlug&Play, power connector directly compatible with ColorDRIVE one
Article in Shop
Sparrow Accessories
Simple wall plug power supply already equipped with one or more Sparrow power connector.
63,00 €(MwSt. excl.)
Compatible Accessories
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High performance diode driver with or without integrated TEC driver.
55,50 €(MwSt. excl.)
Diode/TEC Drivers
Cost effective stand-alone TEC (Peltier) driver.
55,50 €(MwSt. excl.)
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