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Laser Marking System
for TV, Theatre, Live-Event, etc.
KORE Position is a laser marking system for TV, theatre, live events and any other application where a clearly visible, easy-to-use marking that disappears again without leaving any residue is required.

Our marking system is based on the KORE show laser system, supplemented by a well thought-out control option, an adapted power range (laser class 1 to 4 possible!) and a specially developed beam monitoring algorithm for a particularly high level of safety.
Adhesive Floor Markings Goodbye!
Adhesive floor markings made of gaffer tape or neon tape are a thing of the past. With laser markings, you only project important positions when you need them - with the next push of a button everything disappears again - without leaving any residue.
As easy to control, or as complex as you wish.
Multiple productions within a location require different arrangements of props and people at different times. By flexibly calling up your previously saved positions and marking graphics, you only project what is important for the current production.

The controls can be as complex or as simple as you wish. For very simple applications, any lighting technician without any prior knowledge of laser technology can use a lighting console to set the markings and call them up again at the appropriate time.

Several solutions can be used as a remote control interface. Starting with the simple DMX solution, or the network-based protocols ArtNet, sACN or OSC, up to the time code integration into an existing show.
LIVE Lasersystems takes care of a seamless integration into your infrastructure. If our existing interfaces are not sufficient, we would be happy to develop an interface for you.
Safe and Sound.
The KORE Position will be adjusted to your needs. Due to the proven KORE platform, we are able to cover any brightness that is potentially necessary for an application. Cathegorized in safety classes, starting with class 1 for a particularly safe and, above all, unattended operation in TV studios where non-instructed guests appear, up to class 4 lasers for the small to largest stages in the world.

Whether single-colored or full-colored, we will advise you which version is best suited for your application.

We work with independent authorized experts and, if necessary, measure your new KORE Position System on site to guarantee the appropriate laser classification.
Bright & Compact
Video projectors are large and bulky, comparatively dark in the projection, require an extra media server and are not evenly sharp in the display when projected at an angle. With KORE Position you have a compact, very low-maintenance(!) projection system with an optional integrated media server, which always projects sharply from any perspective.

Unlike discharge lamps, laser sources have a long lifespan, so you don't have to worry about performance degradation over time.
Your markings can do so much more now!
Markers can be static or animated.

Crosshairs, outlines, edges or short texts (etc.) - countdowns that make it easier for moderators to find the right timing or animated arrows etc. for easier-to-understand instructions for untrained support staff: We would be happy to develop suitable marking templates for you so that you have more time for other production-related things.

Together with you we will find your perfect control solution. A simple projector can already cover a large work area and provide markings, for complex or extensive areas we use several projectors and stitching them if necessary to form a large "canvas" for your markings.

A distortion-free display is particularly important, which is why we work with digitally corrected scanner systems. A specially developed firmware for our existing scanfail system guarantees a particularly safe operation and thus enables a clearly visible result despite low power.
Contact us now!
As you have probably already noticed, our KORE Positions are not off-the-shelf devices, but are specified and built according to your requirements. We would be happy to discuss your requirements with you or visit you on site to explore the appropriate options.

Simply contact us via email (info@live-lasersystems.at) or give us a call (+43 (0) 1 944 2883)!

Showcase: Studio 21 of the ORF Multimedia Newsroom

In 2023, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) was looking for a safe, reliable and highly visible floor marking solution for the new Studio 21 of the multimedia newsroom in the ORF headquater.

Together with LIVE Lasersystems, a solution was worked on that meets all requirements and fits perfectly into the existing "single-operator" production infrastructure.

The system there consists of two KORE Positions with laser class 1 classification and simple DMX control via the existing MA Lighting lighting control system.
The graphics to be displayed were produced by LIVE Lasersystems according to the customer's specifications. The entire system was measured by an authorized expert on site and certified with laser class 1.
Accordingly, the system can even be operated without an emergency stop and anyone can be a guest of the studio without prior instruction.

For several months now, our KORE Position Systems have been ensuring the correct positioning of props and moderators for all ORF news programs (>5,000 productions a year) every day and at all times of the day.
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