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professional show laser systems
The KORE is a professional high-grade show laser projector for your daily laser gig, but also specialized applications like laser mappings, long-throw projections, and multimedia special effects.

Developed from the ground up and manufactured exclusively in-house by our team, LIVE Lasersystems makes no compromises and only uses the best components for its flagship laser projector.

Aside from the typical features you will find in any laser projector, our KORE series sets itself apart by offering some remarkable and unique features by default.  These are for example the KORE AIS (Advanced Interlock System), high speed and accurate ColorDRIVE drivers (especially suited for the KORE) or our wide-range temperature control technology allowing smooth  and hassle-free operation in even the most extrem environmental conditions, ranging from up to 50°C (122°F) down to at least - 30°C (-22°F).
Wondering where to find all other information on KORE lasers?
The KORE came a long way and cannot be described on one page only. Therefore the EVIL lasers-website is still the perfect place to get all the information you need on different versions, the special key features, and its accessories! Remember: EVIL lasers is LIVE Lasersystems. Contact us for pricing information and everything else you need to know!

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