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Laser Diode 500-600nm
Naked laser diode with no collimator or other beam forming optics.

Until 2013 the green light of semiconductor powered video projectors was generated using a blue laser source and a phosphor layer. There was no solid state alternative other than DPSS or gas lasers.

Due to the development of green laser diodes, the lifetime and long-term stability of video projectors got improved significantly.

At first there were just single mode diodes with 50mW available. Those were already used by laser show projectors with low power. New multi mode diodes with higher power are now a great alternative to DPSS lasers.
Single-mode/Multi-mode diode
Wavelength tolerance
+/- 5nm (typ.) +/- 10nm(max.)
Polarization ratio
Beam divergence
fast axis
Beam divergence
slow axis
Working current75mA - 3A
Specification GH05030D2L 505nm 35mW (pdf)
Specification GH05280E2K 520nm 85mW (pdf)
Specification PLT3 520D 520nm 100mW (pdf)
Specification GH0521DE2G 520nm 135mW (pdf)
Specification NDG7475 520nm 1000mW (on request)
Specification NDG7D75 525nm 1500mW (on request)
Article in Shop
Laser Diodes
Naked laser diode within the range of 500-600nm.
18,50 €(MwSt. excl.)
Compatible Accessories
ESD protection for laser diodes.
6,50 €(MwSt. excl.)
Aspheric collimator for laser diodes.
34,50 €(MwSt. excl.)
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