KORE Performance


With the aquisition of the EVIL lasers brand, a lot of changes happened within the KORE laser projector series. With the increasing demand of higher powered laser systems, we want to assist with our brand new KORE Performance series.

The KORE Performance series offers several unique features which distinguish itself from competitors products:

  • small housing (same dimensions as the KORE Standard/HD series)
  • lightweight design: max. 20kg
  • integrated Pangolin FB4 MAX (ILDA/DMX) by default
  • EyeMagic EMS-8000 by default (digital amp in KORE 40P/45P)
  • KORE AIS (Advanced Interlock System)
  • all new features from the 2018 KORE makeover

All further information regarding the KORE Performance series can be found on the respective product page: KORE Performance