KORE 2018 Makeover


Since a few weeks, the KORE (HD) is available in a brand new 2018 makeover version. A lot of time passed since the KORE series was just a "simple" laser projector. With the all new unique features it becomes more and more a professional laser system looking for its equal.

  • KORE AIS: The all new KORE Advanced Interlock System (AIS) is something different in the industry. Multiple emergency stops, completely free wiring topology, compatible to the newest FDA CDRH regulations, as well as intelligent status indicator LEDs are just a few points that make this system so special, versatile and easy to use.
  • ColorDrive diode/TEC drivers: Brand new, extremly fast and efficient drivers for razor sharp laser displays. Modulation speeds with (at least) 200kHz are top notch results in the show laser industry.
  • Active heating and cooling: A dedicated heating unit as well as temperature controlled fans offer (together with full bridge Peltier elements unter every laser module) operating temperatures between -30°C and 50°C (ambient temperature). Together with a KORE rain cover, you are perfectly equipped for any outdoor application.
  • Intelligent projector monitoring: 3 multi color indicator LEDs on the back plate show different states of the projectors "health", temperature and interlock status.

More information on all different new functions can be found on the brand new F.A.Q. page: KORE F.A.Q.

Links to the respective product sites: KORE, KORE HD

If you don't have our new price list yet, do not hesitate asking for it via e-mail: info@live-lasersystems.at