EVIL lasers becomes part of LIVE Lasersystems


Since the beginning of EVIL lasers (late 2014) there was a close partnership with LIVE Lasersystems. Both together developed new products and established a formative laser projector series.
With the official acquisition of EVIL lasers, we do ourselves but especially our customers a favor. Together with the professional expertise of LIVE Lasersystems, it becomes easier than ever to combine new technologies and define new ways for the KORE laser series.

All identities will mostly stay the same. All known contact persons will remain. EVIL lasers will also remain as an own brand of lasers.
The only things that change are the structure behind the scenes and some exciting new product announcements.

KORE HD lasers
With the KORE HD series, EVIL lasers extends the existing range of 5 KORE versions with further 3 systems. High definition stands for enhanced beam characteristics, especially regarding divergence. All three lasers feature a divergence of <0.8mrad (full angle). The KORE HD lasers are therefore perfect for graphic displays at long distances.
More information: KORE HD lasers

New KORE interlock system
The KORE interlock system was completely redesigned and acts more intelligent than ever. Next to the possibility of daisy-chaining all lasers, you can now use multiple emergency-stops parallel without defeating themselves. One LED at the back of the laser signals if there is a proper connection to an emergency-stop, making it easier and faster to detect broken interlock lines.

FDA CDRH ready
From now upon, all KORE will be equipped with all required safety features for a legal use in the U.S.A.. FDA registering process will start soon.

New KORE diode-/TEC-drivers
All KORE will now be equipped with all new drivers for laser diodes and TEC. The new drivers are designed by LIVE Lasersystems.

Faster scanners
By default, all new KOREs will come with >42kpps (8° ILDA) scanning capabilities. Of course, the upgrade for EyeMagic EMS-8000 scanners is still available.

Customer reports have shown the demand. With the upcoming EXTREME series, PURE DIODE will be pushed at its limits. Main use will outdoors. Output powers up to 65W RGB and respectively low divergences will set new standards in the industry of laser projections. Besides all known features of the KORE and KORE HD series, the KORE EXTREME will be completely outdoor-suitable with a protection rating of at least IP62.
The default scanning system will be EyeMagic's EMS-8000. The diode combining will be done using a different technology than it is used within the KORE/KORE HD series. With this technology, single misaligned diodes won't be a problem anymore leading to a very maintenance low operation.
More information: KORE EXTREME lasers

The KORE EXTREMEs are not available yet. Prospective buyers may contact us anyways: info@evil-lasers.com
There is a discount available for preorders.